The Dead Man’s

Period crime drama – 8 x 50 min

Created by Deben Van Dam & Bert Van Dael
Screenplay by Roel Mondelaers, Bert Van Dael, Deben Van Dam & Gitte Nuyens
Directed by Tim Mielants & Deben Van Dam
Produced by Wilder Content & Dark Ways

A deep dive into the lives of two sisters and into the dark legacy of Belgium's most notorious female serial killer, Marie Petitjean (1879-1942), better known as the Widow Becker or the Black Widow.



Crime Drama - 7 x 50 min

Created by Roel Mondelaers & Bert Van Dael

The Dutch girl Ayla (15) is on holiday with her parents around the lakes in Mol, Flanders, when she is suddenly arrested on suspicion of murder. Ayla’s best friend, the 17-year-old Flemish Noor, has been found dead at the upscale Miramar Lake.

During the investigation, the underage and privileged Ayla ends up in a closed youth institution in Flanders among other, often hardened girls. Meanwhile, her parents are doing everything they can to prove Ayla’s innocence. They want to bring their daughter back to the Netherlands as soon as possible.


The Burn-out

Comedy-drama - 8 x 30 min

Created by Lies Van Grieken
Pilot screenplay by Lies Van Grieken, Roel Mondelaers & Bert Van Dael

After charmingly chaotic Georg (33) experiences a blackout during her first radio program, her doctor prescribes her home rest for a burnout. An absurd diagnosis, according to Georg. But when she joins a burnout support group, she recognizes much more of herself in the other members than she had hoped. She needs to turn her life around, but will her marriage to Maarten, as well as their family life with the two children, survive this?


At Last

Psychological Thriller Drama - 8 x 50m

Created by Tim Mielants & Bert Van Dael

At Last takes a unique look at everlasting life through the eyes of a long-married couple, Stephen Van Nuys and Patricia Welsh, whose relationship is on the verge of unraveling.